Principal’s Message

Mr. Bijoy Chandra Padhy

“The destiny of India is being shaped in her classrooms.”
Kothari Commission Report

It is known that knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired by students form the basis for nation building. Education should become a powerful tool of social, cultural and economic transformation of the country with strong moral and critical values forming the basis of such transformation. There is need for the institutions to adapt to the changing requirements of society and implement the same in and outside their classrooms. We believe learning happens every minute and in every interaction with others. Vidyakula International School is an extended family of your children. We provide ample opportunities of wholesome learning to raise the standards, improve methods of pedagogy, enhance research activities and form greater linkages with the industry so that the students are well equipped to face the challenges of a globalised world.

Everyone matters at ‘Vidyakula’. We believe that every individual is talented and is valued for who they are. Their potentials and abilities are identified, nurtured and students are motivated to believe in themselves.

We assure our parents of giving safe and secure learning environment to the students to bring out the best in them and come out with flying colours.

Vidyakula International School